Raising Funds for Equipment and sanitation Supplies

My name is Scotty and I’ve been cracking my head for years working on a way to fix our litter problem worldwide. Just in the last few months I had an idea that changed everything and creates a whole new job category. My idea is TrashDash. If i can get enough community support to actively get started, I will get my team together and start picking up the numerous piles of garbage in our Town, with the highest unemployment rates in America, I can hire some people and get the streets clean of litter. I need the tools of the trade.

Litter grabbers

Trash bags

safety gear and vests

Rain gear

sanitation supplies

proper first aid kit


Truck to pull it (cheap)

You get the idea. If I can raise double what I ask I can have the mobile app built and then can scale it worldwide.

Videos and Pictures will be more forth coming when i can get working. Thank you for all your support to get this world problem fixed

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